Pawna lake Camping and Paragliding

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Pawna lake Camping and Paragliding


I am From TCS Pune visited Pawna campsite on 15th December 2015 with my few colleagues.
Campsite is having amazing view of pawna dam and forts like Tung, Lohgad, Visapur and Tikona.
Also the service provided was amazing..

Thanks for Mrs. Sonali for providing such a best campsite near Pune.

I am sharing few photos... On next day we went for adventure and Lohgad boat club for horse riding, repelling , zip line , rifle shooting , boating. Amazing fun within our group....After finishing all activities we went to trek Lohgad fort.. Amazing view of Pawna dam from top of the Fort....

Camping is near about 12 km from Lonavala station and 44 km from Pune. I recommend to visit one time.. you will visit again and again.... This one is the nearest Camping near Lonavala.

After trekking, We Went for Paragliding, breath stopping view of nature.. Unforgotable trip/ Picnic...

I will Suggest to Call Mrs. Sonali - 9552539132 for arranging your Camp....

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Pawna lake Camping

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