Tent stay and camping experience at holiday camp near Pawna Lake

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Tent stay and camping experience at holiday camp near Pawna Lake

As the name suggests Holiday Camp is indeed a destination for a few days off, to kick off your shoes and relax on the banks of the Pawna Lake. Located in the village of Ajwali, near Pawna Lake, Holiday Camp is every person’s wish come true type of a camp where you can just bask in the warmth of the sun and bathe in the cool winds of the lake as evening falls.

holiday camp

Why Holiday Camp?
The very first perk of the camp is it is on the banks of the Pawna Lake and what can be more fulfilling than spending some time on a pleasant place like this one?
All the facilities as per your contentment are available at Holiday Camp near Pawna Lake and the cost is not much if you ask me. 1500/- per person
The four famous fortresses Tung, Tikona, Lohagad and Visapur are visible from Holiday Camp as this Camp stands in the midst of these enormous and magnificent forts.
A trek will do you some good in the early hours of morning which you can conduct on any of the four forts as they are not too complicated to escalate.
The trekkers, photographers and Nature lovers, Holiday Camp is a win win situation for all of you as Holiday Camp comes with a full package of nature, scenic views and the Sahyadri to clamber upon.

Facilities provided for your convenience
You need not worry about filling your stomach as you will be served with tea, snacks, Barbeque and hot dinner (vegetarian and non vegetarian) and breakfast in the morning.
As it is camping, tents are what you sleep into which is equipped with warm and comfy sleeping bags.
Campfire, a major part of camping is available at Holiday Camp.
Music makes the atmosphere live. Sitting beside the campfire with some soft music played in the background does not happen every day. You can experience this on the banks of Pawna Lake at Holiday Camp.
Going on a holiday and not playing games is not going to happen. Indoor games like carom, cards and outdoor games like football and volleyball
The adventurers at heart are going to love the thrilling games like Burma Bridge, low rope course, spider net and riffle shooting.
Well maintained toilets and changing rooms are available.
Sufficient parking space

What to carry
A pair of clothes is a must as the lake is near and is tempting enough to take a dip.
If in the monsoon, raincoats, ponchos or windcheaters cannot be eliminated from your things to carry list.
The winters are quite harsh as the water brings in cool breeze enough to freeze you for the night. Carry your sweaters/jackets/pullovers and scarf/winter cap and a pair of socks to keep your feet warm.
Do not forget your sunscreen with a good SPF as the sun shines bright enough to give you sunburns if you are the one with a sensitive skin.
A few Tips to keep in mind
Sports shoes with a good grip are a must.
If you are planning for a trek on the nearby mountains then it is advisable to wear full clothes to secure from insect bites.
Keep some dry snacks handy.
A bottle of water to keep you hydrated
On the way up the hills keep on sipping water to avoid dehydration
Try to keep the area clean by not throwing plastic or any sort of garbage around.
Abstain from going deep inside the lake even if you are a pro at swimming as you are not aware of the actual depths of the lake. Stay near the banks to avoid any mishaps.

How will you get there?
Sus Rd 51.8 km. Around 2 hours
Paud Rd 53.0 km. around 2hours
Travel to Ahmednagar - Pune Highway/Shivaji Nagar Wakdewadi road and then turn left onto Ahmednagar - Pune Highway/ Shivaji Nagar Wakdewadi road and you will Pass by Dayaram Rajguru Fire Station on your left. From here take a U-turn and continue travelling on Shivaji Nagar Wakdewadi Rd. take a left at State Bank of India (on the left). As you turn left on MH SH 114 you will pass by Pashankar Honda on your left and from here take a right and stay on MH SH 114. Here take left at Dr Kapote Chowk at Ganeshkhind road Pass by Akashwani Bhawan that is on your right. Drive straight past Deccan Multispeciality Hardikar Hospital onto Agriculture College Flyover. Merge into Ganeshkhind Road Pass by Central that is on your left then take a slight left on Ganeshkhind Road/University Fly over Pashan Rd Intersection and then a left at Baner
Then a slight left onto NDA Pashan Rd. Here you will pass by Maharashtra State Criminal Investigation Dept on your left. At Pashan Cir, continue straight onto Sutarwadi Rd. Turn right onto Pashan-Sus Rd Pass by Cosmos Bank on your left and continue straight onto Pashan-Sus Rd/Sus Rd Go through 1 roundabout. Drive on  Chande Rd/Chande - Nande Rd and take a left where you travel on Mulkhed Rd.
Take right at swami samarth medical at Hinjewadi - Pirangut Road and then take a left near Sahydri Men's Parlour. Turn right onto Kolwan - Paud Rd/Nanegaon Rd Pass by Kolwan Bus Stop then again a right at Hadshi Temple Access and a left. You reach your destination.

It’s not that far, it’s a place where you need to be after a long hard day and Holiday Camp doesn’t give you a chance to complain about anything. So pack your bags and head towards the heavenly place. 

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